About Eyaas

It started a long time ago, with a dream. A dream to create a market place for artisan made products to reach the consumers directly. We started well, we created a platform and as with all plans there were unforeseen factors which influenced our work. We staggered through them and survived. Now six years down the line, we are reinventing ourselves: A new business which, seeks to design handmade products for the contemporary home, creating a sustainable and ethical brand in the home and lifestyle segment - EYAAS. We now have a retail store based in Patna, HANDMADE, which markets our brand of products and continues to serve as a base for artisanal products. Our online store - eyaas.com - now also houses our products and some curated artisanal products in the home and personal accessories segment.

Our team now includes a husband and two toddlers (Kabir & Ivaan) - so we will only be able to grow and show very slowly. We request you to please bear with us. Keep abreast with us through social media - Facebook (www.facebook.com/eyaasworld ) ; Instagram : Eyaas and Twitter: (www.twitter.com/Eyaas) .

We will keep you updated about new products, new campaigns, new ideas and about our life or lack of it thanks to the monsters at home. We look forward to interacting with you. Thank you for reading through. Stay with us. And we promise you a beautiful ride.

Lots of Love.

Pallavi Singh Keshri