Jacquard Brocade Cushion 12x12

Handwoven Brocade Cushions with gold fringe
Size: 12x12 inches.

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Woven silk in Jacquard... beautiful jewel colours - burgundy, blue and grey. A traditional mughal "jaal" pattern is woven across. This motif is usually seen in larger sizes but in this fabric the threads are woven in small intricate pattern across the length and breadth of the fabric. This is by far our favourite amongst the lot. the colour is beautiful and even though the gold fringe seems to be a bit much it actually isn't especially when paired with larger and plain cushions. These cushion covers come with pure chanderi backing fabric, gold fringe & concealed zippers. Handwoven cushions in jacquard brocade. Fillers not included. Dry clean only. Fillers available on request.